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Are you looking for a Bulk Flash Drives provider offering wholesale rates and the flexibility to customize what your bulk order can contain?  All our flash drives are offered at market competitive wholesale rates. We offer you the flexibility of choosing multiple flash drives varying in chassis size, shape, and color, storage capacity, and maker.

Here’s What We Have to Offer: We love collecting USB Flash Drives and our collection has expanded to include almost every conceivable form of USB that you need! Here’s a breakdown of our collection: You can either search through our collection or get in touch with us, we’d love to aid you find and purchase flash drives in bulk!

Get To Know Your Drives

Bootable bulk flash drives are used to access computers and smart devices for installing operating systems and/or correcting system firmware. These are basically normal USB converted into bootable devices using utility software. They are available in all available storage capacities and customizable in innumerable ways.

If you are looking for USBs that do not feel bulky in pockets, then USB cards that can fit right into the seam of your wallet are the choice. These USBs take their name from their thickness which is no thicker than a credit card. Normally rectangle shaped, these flash drives are available in huge capacities and in a diverse range of colors and size.

Music USB are basically flash drives with speakers, or headphone jacks, and LED display. They support playing multiple formats, normally mp3 encrypted files. These are available in various colors, shapes, and storage capacities.!

The convenience of easily carrying several GB worth of data anywhere in a USB is a security threat in itself. To reduce data theft, secure flash drives offer data protection through combination of hardware, software, and biometric encryption techniques. These are normally available in high capacities with robust and professional looking chassis.

You will find a plethora of USB drives with varying appearance and structures. Their appearance can range from the common flat, finger-sized models to more elaborate designs (think Bacon slice, leafs, LEGO block, and more). Furthermore, the structure of these drives can vary from the typical removable cap connectors, and retractable drives, to attached cover swings that protect the USB connector.